Winning Baccarat Tips Strategy

Winning Baccarat Tips Strategy
Winning Baccarat Tips Strategy

By following this proven Baccarat strategy and tips, anyone can turn their Baccarat game into a system of continuous winning. This game of chance has long been the choice for high rollers willing to risk it all on a blind bet. Just the mention of Baccarat spurs visions of James Bond sitting at a table, an extraordinarily elegant woman at his side, collecting his winnings just before heads off to his next dangerous encounter. Bond’s winning baccarat strategy was written in to his script, an advantage real Baccarat game players do not have. In order to walk away from the table a winner, todays Baccarat player must bring their own winning tips and system to the table with them.

The Game of Baccarat

One of the oldest known casino games, Baccarat can trace its origins back to the 15th century. Baccarat’s European origins remained little changed over the years until it made its debut in Las Vegas casinos some time on the late 1950s. In its early Las Vegas days, Baccarat was a highly exclusive game played mainly by high rollers. This was due to the games complexity, which required multiple dealers and for players to take turns playing the role of the banker. The investment for a casino to operate a European style Baccarat game was very high and therefore reserved for its most wealthy clientele.

American Baccarat, also known as ‘Punto Banco’ or ‘Mini Baccarat’, evolved out of the casino’s desire to get into the pockets of the recreational gambler. A much simplified version of the European game, American Baccarat required only one person to run the table. This simplified version of the Baccarat game provides the dealer the ability to keep the game moving at a fast pace, adding action and excitement to the table. And with the lower overhead of only one person running the game, the stakes were lower and far more palatable to those who make up of bulk of the casino’s clientele.

Due to its ease of play, American Baccarat has caught on in casinos all over the world and has also moved on-line.

Best Winning Baccarat Strategy
Best Winning Baccarat Strategy

How the Game of Baccarat is Played

For a first time player, they might find the Baccarat game to be a bit confusing at first, but the game is actually quite simple and plays by a fixed set of rules making the players mental and physical interaction little more than having to place their bet.

Depending on the setting, there can be as many as 14 players at a Baccarat table but only two hands are dealt making it easy to keep up with the action. Players are betting on one of three outcomes, the winning hand being the “Banker”, the winning hand being the “Player” or a “Tie” between the two. At the start of each new hand, all players have the opportunity to bet however he or she chooses. They do so by placing their wager on one of the three outcomes marked on the table in front of each of them. Betting takes place only once and before any cards are dealt.

One players gets to play the role of the dealer. There is no advantage or disadvantage in playing this role, it is more a carryover from the European version of play and also allows players the opportunity to be more interactive with the game. The player serving in the role of dealer is referred to as the “Banker” however, does not represent the house in any way and can bet however he or she chooses.

Passed to the new dealer is what is referred to as the “shoe”. The shoe is simply a box that contains 6 to 8 decks of shuffled cards and has an opening at the bottom from which cards are dispensed, one at a time, from the bottom of the stack. A player is not required to serve as dealer and has the option of passing the shoe along to the next player.

Once all bets are placed, the dealer deals two cards each, face down, alternating back and forth starting with the “players” hand and then to the “bankers” hand. Representing the “players” hand is the person who has the highest bet on the table. This in no way influences the outcome of the game as a strict set of “draw and hold” rules are now in motion taking all decision making away from the player and the dealer alike.

The goal is to achieve a hand as close to 9 as possible. Face cards and 10’s are valued at zero and aces are valued at 1. All other cards are valued at their face value. The winner is the hand whose sum is valued closest to 9. If the sum is over 9, the right most digit represent the value of the hand.

Again, there is no decision making by the player or the dealer at this point, passing and holding is dictated by a strict set of rules that vary just slightly for the dealer and the player. This small variation changes the odds just slightly making for a very exciting game.

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Best Baccarat Strategies

Developing a best winning baccarat strategy can turn recreational game play into a profitable proposition. Many have worked on their own system while others rely on tips from others players. There are also proven strategies that players can adopt as well, two of the most effective methods being the Golden Eagle Baccarat strategy and the Silver tiger Baccarat strategy.

Golden Eagle Baccarat Strategy

The Golden Eagle Baccarat strategy is system premised on capturing winning streaks. There is both an offensive and defensive approach to this strategy the former aimed at achieving big wins while the later to quickly recover from losses.

Silver Tiger Baccarat Strategy

The Silver Tiger Baccarat strategy is perfect for the more aggressive player. It has its own unique betting sequence that will capture gains even quicker than the Golden Eagle strategy. The Silver Tiger strategy also provides breakaway tips for side betting.