How to Play Baccarat

How to Play Baccarat
How to Play Baccarat

Baccarat is a beloved game by the high rollers at most casinos. Because it is easy to play, and the odds are relatively large, it become a target for those who are looking to make big amounts of money and aren’t afraid to take the gamble. The rules are easy, and players who are well versed can bank roll their winnings. It is purely a game of luck, and there are no methods that will increase the odds of winning.

How to Play Baccarat

There are various styles of the game, the American style tends to be the most popular in the states. However, you can also find versions of the French and European tables too. All versions are basically the same with a few variations in rules and regulations. The most common game played in Las Vegas is mini-Baccarat. Though popular, this version is really nothing like the traditional set-up should be. Every game should have three callers and the players. In the mini-version there is only one caller who takes on the responsibility for all three.

How to Wager

The wager is simple. The player must choose whether they will win or the banker’s hand will prevail. The other option is that both the banker and player will tie. When choosing how much money to bet, the player must first choose which method they will place their bet on. The odds vary based on the type of bet. Since these are the only three bets in the game, it’s rather easy to get the hang of it.

The Hand

There are two hands dealt that have two cards each in each of them. They are dealt from the shoe. The “shoe” is the item that holds the cards, up to 8 decks at a time. The two hands are called the player’s hand and the banker’s hand. One or all of the players can select which person they feel will have the hand that is closest to 9 after being dealt.

The deal goes clockwise until it has reached around the table and all betting parties have had a chance. They can play or pass the shoe. If the bettor is dealing, they will deal out 2 cards and then pass them to the banker at the head of the table. First hand is typically the bettor’s hand and the second is the caller’s. If by chance when shuffling the cards the first card reveals itself, this is called a toss away. An example would be when the first card is a 4, the dealer will toss 4 cards in-between each hand until the shoe has fully reshuffled.

How to Play Baccarat
How to Play Baccarat

How the First Two Cards are Counted

Chiefly, the card values are added together to produce a score for each hand. The amounts can be between 0 and 9. In baccarat the suit is ignored. The face cards have a value of ten, the Aces are worth one, and any card that is a 2-9 is worth their surface value. When adding the cards together, the numbers in the tens places are let go. This makes the first digit the one that is used to make the score. The rules state that Face cards are worth nothing or zero.

The Third Card Rules for the Banker

On occasion a third card will be drawn. This occurs when the player or banker’s hands have read an 8-9 or the player’s hand has less than 5 and takes a hit. The player card is always the first on in the rotation, not the banker. This gives the betters a better chance of reaching a score of 9 without going over.

The Third Card Rules for the Player

There are many rules and regulations in place for whether the third card needs to be drawn. If the banker has a point total between 0-2, they will always draw the third card. If the banker has a score of 3, the caller will draw as long as the bettors’ cards are between 0-9 and not an 8. If the banker has a score of 4, they will draw when the bettor’s cards are in the range of 2-7. If they have a score of 5, then they draw when the bettor’s third card is in the 4-7 point value range. If the caller has a score of 7 then they will stand, and there is no need to draw an additional card.

The Final Result

Oftentimes, casinos will provide gamers with a scorecard. This allows them to keep track of their wins. This game takes place over many hands, so it is best to learn a strategy of how to bet and alternate between a configuration and breaking the outline is a good way to win cash. Keep track of how many times the banker wins the call and how many times the player does. Patterns will develop and following them is how most people make their money in this game.

House edge and Baccarat payouts

Many say that the banker has an edge in Baccarat. If there is a margin of winning, it is reported to only be around 1.6%, which is a very small amount. Since this is purely a game of chance, there is really no way to measure other than by patterns. Bettors don’t have to keep track of their winnings, this is all done by the callers. Some bets are 30 to 1 while others are only 8 to 1. Different casinos have different rules for Baccarat and odds vary.

Baccarat Strategy