Best Winning Blackjack Strategy

Are you in need of the best winning blackjack strategy before you head out to the casinos? A popular card game for hundreds of years, this is one more game in which players compete against the dealer. The difference is that in this game, the player has a little more control over the outcome. This doesn’t mean that blackjack odds favor the player. However but with the right blackjack strategies, players can considerably improve their odds of winning.

Best Winning Blackjack Strategies

Blackjack would seem to be an easy card game to win, because the player has more control over the hand that they’re going to get than in other card games. And all of this control is precisely why they lose hands and games. They don’t know how to use all of this “power” and blow it. This is why it’s important to master the best winning blackjack strategy and stay with it. A couple of good blackjack strategies include the Golden Eagle Blackjack Strategy which includes an aggressive style of play in which you make the dealer work for you. Then the Silver Tiger Blackjack Strategy in which players compete in a slower game, but because players are controlling both the game’s pace and bankroll it’s easier to stay on top of it, making this the best winning blackjack strategy for many players, especially novice ones.

Golden Eagle Blackjack Strategy

The best winning blackjack strategy is to remember that the dealer isn’t affecting play, you are! And while the Golden Eagle Blackjack Strategy is a fast, aggressive game it has techniques that keep players from making mistakes like doubling down on the wrong card. The Golden Eagle Blackjack Strategy also has a more defensive mode which allows players to hunker down when the game’s not going their way and recover losses quickly or not lose them in the first place at all.

Silver Tiger Blackjack Strategy

The Silver Tiger Blackjack Strategy makes for a slower game of blackjack. However, since blackjack is science, the Silver Tiger Blackjack Strategy keeps you in control and allows you time to formulate decisions. Designed by a professional statistician, this strategy give you a chance to observe card patterns, and make betting decisions accordingly.

Other Blackjack Strategies:

As good as these blackjack strategies are for most tables, there are plenty of other effective ones as well.

Basic Blackjack Strategy
While rules vary depending on the type of blackjack played, as a rule, the player should “double down” if the dealer holds a six or lower, and “hit” if the dealer’s card is seven or higher.

Martingale Blackjack Strategy
Because statistically you’re eventually going to beat the dealer’s hand at least once. This blackjack strategy has you double bid amounts after each hand you lose. So when you finally do win, it’ll be a big pot. But you know what they say about odds……

Blackjack Card Counting Strategy
This strategy requires players to keep track of all high and low card values that they’re seeing. The player will make betting decisions based on these amounts.